If you are anything like the rest of us, the Roseneath Agricultural Fair has helped shape you and is a huge part of not only your childhood but also your adulthood and hopefully along with future generations. It’s a time that we as a community come together to gather, share stories, share talents, and support one another and our passions.

With COVID taking its toll for most likely a second time the fair needs us more now than ever. The chances of our community gathering gets smaller with each passing year - Which is why as a community we need to come together, stronger than ever before.

The fair board has organized a “Save the Fair 2021” draw. For only $20.00 per ticket, you can be entered in weekly draws running from March 6th – October 2nd.

Each weekly Saturday draw has a prize of $25.00 - But, for long weekends in May, July, August and September the prize for each increases to $75.00. Last, but not least, the final draw on October 2nd has a grand prize of $500.00

Your name will remain in each of the weekly draws, but the more tickets you buy the greater chance you have at the $500.00 grand prize.

Money to purchase a ticket can be e-transferred to roseneathfair@xplornet.com or a cheque to the Roseneath Agricultural Society and each week if your name is drawn your the winnings will be sent to you.

Email addresses are requested with purchase of a ticket so may notify you if your lucky enough to win.

Good luck everyone and thank you so much for your continued support of the Roseneath Fair


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